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TM Warthog Adaptor for Gladiator Pro Mk.II (3-pin rev.A)


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In stock


The adaptor is intended to be used with VKB Gladiator Pro Mk.II  with 3-pin rev.A connector. It provides mechanical and electrical compatibility of Thrustmaster  Warthog. The adaptor is to be placed inside of Thrustmaster Warthog grip (a grip itself is not provided). No soldering is required.

The set includes the following:

  • Metal adaptor which fits with Gladiator Pro Mk.II  base connector mechanically and electrically (3-pin spring-loaded connector)
  • PCB providing electrical compatibility with Trustmaster Warthog ™ grip
  •  “W” cam which is needed to compensate grip weight imbalance.
  • Stronger springs (marked with black dot) to provide more centering force

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