Pricing and shipping (4)

How long the order is processed ?

We usually process the order within 3 days. It may take longer in some cases. Please, contact us in case of any questions if delays occur.

Why the price is indicated without VAT ?

In case if the item shipped outside EU, no VAT is applied. For EU customers VAT is automatically added when an order is created. VAT is 21% and applied to all costs, including shipping cost.

Will you deliver items worldwide ?

We ship to all EU countries and also to other European countries as Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro. We also ship to some Middle East countries like Israel, United Arab Emirates etc.  We ship to Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, Argentina and number of other countries. If your country is not in the list and you cannot complete the order, please, contact us

We do not ship to any former USSR countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia etc. If you are located in those countries, please, contact VKB-SIM Russia http://shop.vkb-sim.pro/ 

US and Canadian customers should contact VKB-SIM North America http://vkbcontrollers.com


Why some items are published on the other regional sites earlier ?

The other regional re-sellers use drop-shipping method due to more liberal regional policies. For EU market, we need to import the whole batch first and then we could offer for ordering. We can open ordering only when we know that the items are produced for EU, the cargo is shipped and we know all related costs (transportation, handling, custom clearance fees, EUR/USD exchange rate etc). Therefore, we announce new products with a delay, comparing to other regions. But when announced, we are sure that it is an actual price in euro currency without any hidden costs for our customers and without sudden price change.

New Products (4)

Modern Combat Grip

R&D is now completed. The first production batch is to be ready by the end of April 2017. It should be available for EU customers in May.

Gunfighter ECP

Gunfighter ECP is being actively designed. Rough estimation is to have it produced and be available for EU customers in Q3/Q4 2017.

Throttle Control Unit

VKB is busy with a throttle unit which should complete the set (flightstick, throttle control unit, rudder pedal, control panel).  It is in early design phase. Currently the availability is roughly estimated for Q1 2018.

Left-handed Spacesim Stick

The stick is intended to be used in dual-stick setup demanded by space simulator enthusiasts. It is currently in R&D phase. Estimated to be available for purchase in EU by Q4 2017.