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Update 07.06.2017: the production run is delayed due to minor bugfixes to be implemented and shipping to customers now planned for 19.06.2017

VKB-Sim Gunfighter Joystick *

  • WWII KG12 Grip Replica (swappable)
  • Right-hand grip design
  • Ergonomic Grip Angle
  • Next Generation All-Metal Gimbal
  • Includes force-adjustable ‘dry clutches’ (made from nylon)
  • 32-bit ARM CPU
  • Tunable Axes
  • No Custom Drivers Required
  • Save and Load Custom Profiles
  • Upgrade Firmware via USB
  • Works with ALL Flight-Simulators
  • Built to Last
  • Wide stance base plate included

* Tabletop Edition


  • Force-adjustable ‘dry clutches’ allow the user to adjust the friction of the stick, which results in a heavier “feel”, and – with enough friction applied, the stick will stay put wherever one lets go of it
  • The new gimbal supports up to two springs per axis, which allows for a stiffer overall feeling during stick movement, especially when using an extension or a heavy grip

Package includes:

  • Gladiator Pro MkII base
  • KG12 Grip
  • Set of Springs
  • Set of Cams (“30” strong center detent)
  • Dust Cover “Remove Before Flight”
  • Instruction Manual


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