VKB-Sim Gunfighter Pro Joystick and TM Warthog Adaptor





VKB-Sim Gunfighter Pro * and Trustmaster Warthog adaptor

  • Adaptor which provides mechanical and electrical compatibility with Trustmaster Warthog grip
  • WWII KG12 Grip Replica (swappable)
  • Right-hand grip design
  • Next Generation All-Metal Gimbal
  • Includes force-adjustable ‘dry clutches’ (made from nylon)
  • 32-bit ARM CPU
  • Tunable Axes
  • No Custom Drivers Required
  • Save and Load Custom Profiles
  • Upgrade Firmware via USB
  • Works with ALL Flight-Simulators
  • Built to Last

* Custom Cockpit Edition. 


  • Force-adjustable ‘dry clutches’ allow the user to adjust the friction of the stick, which results in a heavier “feel”, and – with enough friction applied, the stick will stay put wherever one lets go of it
  • The new gimbal supports up to two springs per axis, which allows for a stiffer overall feeling during stick movement, especially when using an extension or a heavy grip

NOTE: The dry clutch frictioner is tightened at the factory to prevent it from loosening during shipping; so before you connect your Gunfighter to your PC, you will need to adjust the dry clutches for both pitch and roll axes accordingly.

Package includes all what comes with Gunfighter Tabletop version:

  • Gunfighter base
  • KG12 Grip  
  • Set of Springs
  • Set of Cams (“30” strong center detent)
  • Black Box controller
  • Dust Cover “Remove Before Flight”
  • Instruction Manual

and additionally specific for  Pro version bundled with TM Warthog adaptor:

  • 20cm (8″) Stick Extension
  • Small footprint base plate
  • Set of #50 springs
  • Adaptor for TM Warthog adaptor 


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