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Tools and VKB configurator

The latest configurator software and several useful tools are available via this link:
Tools  help to test and get additional information about different USB enabled controllers (not only from VKB) . Some of them are listed below:

If you have Gladiator (Pro) joystick,  it is recommended to start with Wizzo software. It is more user friendly and covering most of needs. The filenames contain word Wizzo.

Warning ! The further instructions are for customers who feel comfortable to play with the device and ready to spend some time to get used to the interface. Do not forget to save your current setup before any change. It will save your time in the future. The tool is powerful and allows you to make your device unusable. 

If you use the other VKB products or need to have a comprehensive tool for Gladiator Pro joystick which unlocks 100% of the possibilities, then the following algorithm is recommended:

  1. Connect your devices to the PC
  2. Download and run the latest configurator. Is named starting with VKBDefCFG-
  3. Select a device in the configurator GUI. In the windows header it notifies what firmware is valid for this configurator software. Also it informs what current firmware version is loaded on the device.

If the firmware is too old and not supported by the configurator, you have two options:

  • Download one of the previous configurator version and do the step 3 as above.
  • Upgrade firmware which is valid for your configurator.


The firmware can be downloaded from this link

The firmware are to be loaded to your device only via special program “z-bootloader”
Make sure that the device is connected and bootloader program shows the device status as green.

Also, within the package there is a readme file which explains what is compatible configurator version.

Important ! Do not use newer configurator software for old firmware. The configuration will be damaged and it may become inresponsive.

If you have any technical questions or need to learn more about tools and firmware, please, read Official Forum first.



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