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Modern Combat Grip (MCG) socket rev. B


€108,00 – €165,00 inc. VAT for EU customers


This product is not currently in stock but it is possible to reserve it. All customers who reserves the grip, will receive a notification with an invitation to purchase the item when the item is available.

It is compatible only with Gunfighter Mk.II (Pro or non-Pro) or Gladiator (non-Pro) used together with an adapter sold separately (Upgrade Kit Lite)

MCG – Modern Combat Grip

Joystick Base Not Included.


MCG grip

  • Right-hand grip design
  • 14 programmable buttons
  • 5 analog axes (2x slew control ministick axes / 2x trimmer ministick axes / 1x brake lever axis)


MCG PRO grip

  • Right-hand grip design
  • 24 programmable buttons
  • 6 analog axes (2x slew control ministick axes / 2x trimmer ministick axes / 1x folding trigger axis / 1x brake lever axis)
  • Dual-stage trigger (trigger 1)
  • Metal folding trigger (trigger 2) with two position sensor (flipped up/down)

Specifications for all MCGs:

Made with OMRON and ALPS precision buttons and switches; Grip made from industrial strength ABS (injection molding); Adjustable palm rest (25mm height adjustment); Ergonomic grip angle (rotate left up to 15 degrees)


2 Years

MCG/MCG PRO Compatible Bases (rev.B):

  • Gunfighter Mk.II
  • Gunfighter Pro Mk.II
  • Gladiator non-Pro together with Upgrade Kit Lite

Next shipment for Gunfighter is currently planned for December. Reservation will be opened in October Dismiss