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Full Mk.III upgrade set for Gunfighter Mk.I / Mk.II


€93,00 incl VAT for EU only

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Electronics Upgrade Kit for Gunfighter

Meant for customers who wish to upgrade their existing VKB  Gunfighter Mk.I and Mk.II electronics.

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Combo Cams Kit

Meant for customers who wish to upgrade their existing VKB Gladiator Pro or Gunfighter to the latest cams standard.

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Dust Cover Set

Meant for customers who wish to upgrade their existing VKB  Gunfighter Mk.I and Mk.II dust cover.

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Out of stock

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This is a special offer for  bundle of three upgrade kits at discounted price. With all those kits your Gunfighter Mk.I or Mk.II will be upgraded to Mk.III level.

  • Electronics Upgrade Set
  • Combo Cams Kit
  • Dust Cover Set

Important: we need a picture of your gimbal to ship you the right upgrade kit. Please, send the photo to vkb@flightsimcontrols.com after placing the order.

This is an example of such photo:


We provide three different electronics sets to upgrade three different variants of Gunfighter base:

  • Mk.I
  • Mk.II (early)
  • Mk.II (late)

Because of variety of sets, it is possible that a particular upgrade set is not currently in stock. It is agreed with HQ that we will get the required sets weekly or bi-weekly via expedite air shipping. Their quantities will be based mainly on placed orders. Therefore, some orders could take 2-3 weeks before we ship them, if particular component is not in our stock at the moment. When the order is placed, please, send us a picture of the gimbal (you can see an example of the picture below) and we will tell when the order is to be shipped.  Thank you for understanding !

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