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  • Works with all current flight simulators
  • No drivers required

Dear all,

It was quite some time since last news was published. I would like to thank you all who placed pre-order for Black Mamba joystick. Not all emails are processed yet but all will be counted and required model will be reserved for you.

Here I would like to communicate some commonly asked questions which we keep receiving via email:

Q: When the next production run for Black Mamba joystick will be available ? Is it still possible to get them in Q2 ?

A: Unfortunately, it will not be available in Q2. VKB was busy with production of new rudder pedals – T-rudder model. Therefore, production run for Black Mamba was delayed for couple of month. The joysticks are expected to be in stock in EU shop at the end of August. By the way, T-rudder pedals are arrived and will be announced on the website very soon.

Q: What a conditions for pre-order of Black Mamba joystick ?

A: Pre-order placed via email does not oblige you to buy the joystick but guarantee that your joystick will be reserved for you for some time. It lets us to estimate required number of products for particular market. When joysticks are in stock, the news will be published on the web-site and, also, a notification email will be sent to everyone who placed a pre-order. We will make sure that joysticks will be available for you for a month since the announcement date. After that time the joysticks will be released.

Q: Does VKB plan to produce throttle control which matches with Black Mamba ?

A: Yes, it is in development. However, I do not expect it earlier than in Q2 2015.

Best regards and thank you all for your patience.

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