• Built to last
  • Works with all current flight simulators
  • No drivers required

Hello all ! 

Gladiator Pro Mk.II and new batch of T-Rudder MkIV pedals are on their way to our store and we finalized the retail price. We managed to minimize all costs and now be able to offer much better price for Gladiator Pro Mk.II (€ 255 including VAT) and T-Rudder Mk.IV (€209 including VAT) . We are proud of it and hope that more people could afford such great controllers and enjoy using them with favorite simulators and games. 

But it is not all. We have more good news today.

We are announcing the limited-time offer: 10% discount on both items  !

The best price is valid for two weeks only. The offer ends on April, 11 at midnight. Ordering is open now. Don’t wait too long !

Important note: the orders will be shipped during the week of April, 17.