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Dear all, 

There were not much happened during summer and VKB EU store could only offer T-Rudder pedals and Gladiator Pro joystick to our customers. But many people are awaiting for new products such as Modern Combat Grip and news about well-received Gunfighter sticks.

Gladiator Mk.II 

I am happy to announce that we start offering regular Gladiator joystick (the latest Mk.II version). Finally, we are allowed to offer it for EU market.  Gladiator products passed VKB quality check and featuring digital magnetoresistance sensors (MaRS) for all three main axis – pitch, roll and yaw (twist). The joystick is configurable with Wizzo software and directly compatible with all T-Rudder pedals from  Mk.I to Mk.IV without need Tiny controller or BlackBox controller.

Gunfighter series and Modern Combat Grip (MCG)

All Gunfighter joysticks from base only to Pro models are being produced now and will be available for ordering in October with shipping starting in November. When ordering is open, we will announce it on the website and through newsletters.

MCG  production is still being finalized. Sorry that it takes longer than expected but we cannot afford to issue any product on the market with known flaws until everything is fixed and polished as much as possible. It is expected to start offer it for EU customers in January 2018. All models will be available supporting sockets of Black Mamba, Gunfighter (rev.A and rev.B) and, even, Thrustmaster Warthog base. For some older sockets it may require pre-ordering but it is not yet needed. More information will come by the end of the year.

And of course, we aim to maintain permanent stock for T-Rudder pedals and Gladiator Pro joysticks.

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