Arrival of T-Rudder Mk.IV and Gunfighter rev.A

| November 15, 2017

Dear all, 

VKB is very busy with the first production run of Modern Combat Grip (MCG) and  unfortunately we have limited possibilities to produce other products like T-Rudder pedals and Gladiator Pro/Gunfighter flightsticks as they are produced on VKB facilities to guarantee high quality. But, nevertheless, we want to fulfill many requests from you, our customers, to buy our products before Christmas holidays.

Therefore,  limited amount of T-Rudder pedals and Gunfighter rev.A flightstickes are produced for EU market and they are on the way to our store. Now we open ordering for T-Rudder Mk.IV and Gunfighter Rev. A (regular version). Please, note that  we expect to have them in stock and start shipping next week.  So, you can place your orders now and reserve your item from this production run.

Short update about MCG / Gunfighter rev.B: ETA for EU market is March’18. Pre-ordering will be started in December.

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