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Dear all,

I would like to update on availability of our products for EU customers.

Gladiator Mk.II: this very successful product is completely sold out. The product has been designed and produced in collaboration with our partners. This joint project is ended and there is no plans anymore for any production run for this product under VKB control and VKB-Sim brand. VKB is busy with new midprice-range product for Gladiator Mk.II replacement which should include new features never been used earlier in joysticks of this price level. Quality standards should also exceed expectations for this type of joysticks. However, this product is in early design phase. We aim to have it ready by the end of the year but it is difficult to predict how much time it will take to hit the market. There are always some challenges to face like with any other innovative product.

Gladiator Mk.II Pro: there is a limited stock at the moment. We plan to maintain the stock with some extra production batch but as this product is based on discontinued Gladiator joystick, the stock will not last long. MCG version is also expected.

Gunfighter Mk.II (PRO) MCG: produced for EU in sufficient amount and expected to be shipped to our store next week . We aim to keep this product in permanent stock.

T-Rudder Pedals Mk.IV: produced for EU in sufficient amount and expected to be shipped to our store next week. We aim to keep this product in permanent stock.

VKB Throttle unit: is in late design / concept phase. It is being finalized and getting prepared for production.  Availability of this new product  is currently estimated for Q3 2018.

And the last but not least, this week we plan to switch to the new website which could cause some turbulence. Don’t hesitate to send us directly via vkb@flightsimcontrols.com if any issues. As soon as we have new website running well, we will open ordering for upcoming Gunfighter and soon re-stocked T-Rudder pedals.


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