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Hello all,

Finally, I am happy to announce that new VKB products are on their way to EU store.

It took extra time as our manufacturing department had to spend additional efforts to improve durability of MCG grips based on the feedback we got from early customers. Now, the batch for EU is fully completed, tested and on its way to Rotterdam, NL. It will take several weeks to arrive to the Netherlands and get cleared. So the shipping will be started in April. Sorry for delay for one month but it was required to improve quality of our products.

What we will offer for EU customers:

Gunfighter Mk.II Pro/non-Pro with MCG Pro/non-Pro  grip with En/Ru engravings
Gunfighter Mk.II KG12
T-Rudder Mk.IV

Basically we are going to offer the full range of Gunfighter Mk.II line.

We never start accepting orders for new products if availability date may slip and could not be secured. As we have now concrete dates for availability of items in stock, I am going to open the ordering. In order to do so, the website will be migrated to the new platform these days so please expect that the website will be closed for couple of days.

Best regards,

Next shipment for Gunfighter is currently planned for December. Reservation will be opened in October Dismiss