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Hello all,

Products availability

VKB HQ is currently busy with the next production run for Gunfighter flight sticks and MCG grips. Therefore, reservation for MCG for socket rev.A is now open. Note, that it is compatible with VKB flight stick bases equipped with 3-pin connectors rev.A such as Gunfighter Mk.I, Gunfighter Mk.I Pro, Gladiator Mk.I and Gladiator Mk.II.

Modern Combat Grip (MCG) socket rev. A

Feel free to reserve it.  When cargo arrives, all customers who reserves the item will receive notification and will be invited to pay the amount.

There will be two variants of the grip: MCG EN and MCG Pro EN

I also expect MCG and MCG Pro for rev.B socket and separate Gunfighter Mk.II bases available in August/September. It will be open for reservation as well.

Currently we have in permanent stock Gunfighter Mk.II + KG12 grip combo and T-Rudder Mk.IV pedals. Also, there will be offered limited amount of  Gunfighter Mk.II with MCG RU /MCG Pro RU grips.


The website was updated and several improvements were introduced:

  • The site is GDPR compliant. We care about your privacy and made sure that our website and all our partners provides needed tools and measures to cover GDPR requirements.
  • It is possible to reserve some items. It should help our customers to order more comfortably and us to plan the production for EU accordingly
  • EU VAT ID. We can sell to business customers within EU without VAT. Note, that VAT is always deducted from the price for non-EU destinations.
  • We improved mailing system and tuned the look of the site. However, we noticed some issues with Bancontact payment, we are working on it but had to disable this way of payment temporarily.
Back in stock notification We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Just leave your valid email address below.
Email Note: This is not any form of pre-order, so there won’t be any automatic charging of credit cards or anything like this; however, this also means that the product is not automatically reserved in your name. This is merely an automated service for your convenience to receive timely product availability notifications.