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VKB-Sim Gladiator Mk.II Joystick


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VKB-Sim Gladiator Mk.II is the latest mass-market joystick made by VKB.

A grip is designed by VKB engineers based on well-known KG12 grip used on number of WWII airplanes and adapted for PC pilots to be more ergonomic for tabletop use.

Gladiator Mk.II  is a desktop  joystick featuring highly accurate magnetoresistive (MaRS) sensors for pitchroll and yaw axis. It allows to connect VKB T-Rudder pedals  directly to the joystick without Tiny controller or Black box and presents both joystick and pedals as a single USB device. The pedals are configurable with provided software as an additional axis. It simplify configuration and makes both of them easier to manage within your PC simulator or a game.


  • WWII KG12 grip replica
  • Ergonomic grip angle
  • Pitch, roll and yaw (twist) axes are equipped with MaRS sensors.
  • Throttle axis
  • Metal baseplate for stability
  • Silicone feet for strong surface grip
  • 2 Years warranty


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