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Hello folks,

We would like to inform you that Defender Cobra M5 joystick is in stock again. This is the latest revision of that popular joystick.

We plan to have some modded versions in stock as well as separate DIY mods, which will include NJoy32 controller, set of switches, buttons, pots, encoders and, finally, our metal gymbal. It should be in stock in January already.

There is another good news for the customers in Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Denmark and Luxembourg. The shipment cost to the listed countries are now decreased. We use now DHL for parcel service to those countries and they offer better price then our current vendor.

There are many requests in email box mainly about our products availability which we could not reply to them all in time. I will try to shed some lights to VKB plans and answer here most common questions:

Q: When Black Mamba joystick will be available ? You promised that in August…
A: Sorry for promises we couldn’t keep up.  Now it is certain that Black Mamba will be finally made for EU market in good numbers. Currently the next production batch is planned for Q1 2015.
Q: I sent you a pre-order request some time ago. Is it still valid ?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you plan to produce a throttle control ?
A: Yes, we have such plans. It is in R&D phase but it is difficult to say when a new throttle control will be available. Hopefully, it may still happen in 2015.
Q: I heard about “Throttle box”. When can I order ?
A: “Throttle box” is a central unit which could potentially combine all VKB and many 3rd party components with all needed mappings, settings and in correct order,  and present it to PC as single USB device. Therefore, it requres complicated software which is still being developed.

That’s all for news for now.

Best regards,

Team of VKB FSC Europe



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