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Dear all,

Here is our spring update.

T-Rudder Mk.II

The latest modification of T-Rudder pedals is now in stock and available for purchasing.

It is very similar to the previous version with few differences like:

  • It comes pre-assembled and therefore it is now easier to start using them right after unpacking. Also, the packing box could be used to store pedals when they are not needed.
  • The construction is now more rigid and provide additional stability during usage.
  • It is possible to switch to the “softer” profile. It gives feeling of the center (neutral position) less accented. This option may be useful for sim pilots who prefers helicopter simulators.

T-Rudder Mk I vs Mk II

As the downsize of differences listed above, the pedals are now heavier and their packing box is bigger but it won’t increase shipping cost.

KG12 keychain is still provided with every pedal set !

Many people are also interested in Black Mamba joystick. There are some news about this product as well.

Black Mamba Mk.III joystick

There were many changes in plans unfortunately which eventually lead to delays. Sorry about this. We hoped to provide them in time but  the circumstances did not allow to do that.

The manufacturing batch is not yet started but it is planned  for April-May. We expect the joystick  to be in stock in July-August this year. We maintain the waiting list  and everyone who sent us a request about Black Mamba is included and will receive an email when the batch is started.

The next version of Black Mamba will be seriously reworked in almost all aspects: gymbal, electronics, software.

KG12 full-metal stick development is now in a mockup stage. If all goes ok, it should be also available together with Black Mamba Mk.III. Therefore, the joystick should be available in any combination of Cobra stick, KG12 stick, Thrustmaster Cougar/Warthog adaptor and/or stick extension or only the base.

That’s all news for now.

Best regards,

VKB FSC Europe

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