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Dear all,

Here is our summer update.

Gametrix ECS throttle

Since this week we start selling Gametrix ECS throttle. This is a stand-alone left-handed throttle unit with affordable price which takes an advantage of VKB electronics. It is a good companion of Defender Cobra M5. Both units together forms low-cost HOTAS system.

More devices from Gametrix will come soon !

Defender Cobra M5 joystick availability

At the moment we are out of stock of Cobra M5 joystick. Generally speaking, there is no Cobra M5 in Europe at the moment at all. The device has a good reputation and high demand, therefore, Defender has completed the next batch of joysticks and they are expected to be available in August-September again, and in our shop as well.

VKB Black Mamba Mk. III

Unfortunately we faced further delays in development phase and therefore new planned availability date is now shifted to October 2015.
The joystick will be issued together with full-metal replica of KG-12 stick (as an option).
Here you can see a photo of the latest mockup. Some of our customers who ordered T-Rudder pedals should be familiar with the trigger shown on the photo’s. Yes, it is exactly the same trigger as the one hanging with your keys !

That is the second mockup of the stick. VKB is now busy with the third and, hopefully, last iteration.

Pre-orders are still accepted via email. Please, be aware that for our North American customers it will be a new webshop open soon. Please, mention in your pre-orders from what country are you.

Q: Does Black Mamba support twist rudder ?
A: No, it does not. With current technologies twist rudder will negatively affect accuracy and precision of the whole stick. As an alternative to twist rudder we offer T-rudder pedals.
Q: I still need twist rudder, what should I buy ?
A: we can only offer Cobra M5 (when it is re-stocked again)
Q: When Throttle-box will be on sale ?
A: it is in the roadmap for Q12016 but it is difficult to promise any concrete dates



Summer holidays period

Please, be aware that during last three weeks of July the shop will not ship any orders. The last shipping date in July is the 10th. If you make orders after the 10th of July, you can be sure that the devices are reserved for you but they will be shipped only in the first week of August.

This is the news we have for now.

Enjoy summer and stay tuned !

Team VKB FSC Europe

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