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Dear all,

Here is our autumn update.

Stratojet Inc:

We would like to announce Stratojet Inc as a VKB partner in North America located in the USA.  The webshop for North American customers are available via the link http://www.gostratojet.com

You can read the latest press-releases of VKB and Stratojet here http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewforum.php?f=26

VKB Black Mamba joystick:

First of all, we would like to thank all people who placed the pre-order for VKB Black Mamba joystick via email.


Due to high demand, the decision was made to produce a limited amount of Fat Black Mamba joysticks and pre-order is now opened.  Our USA and Canada customers should pre-order via Stratojet Inc 

Unfortunately, there is a constraint related to availability of Black Mamba components therefore we can currently afford only pre-paid orders to start with a production of limited batch of Black Mamba joysticks. After that limited edition batch, Black Mamba line will be replaced with Gunfighter line.

Please, note, that for all pre-orders made before Dec, 10 we will provide engraved callsign or logo on the base plate free of charge.


VKB King Cobra Mk. IV joystick:

For those who does not want to wait until Q1 next year, there are VKB King Cobra Mk IV available for purchase now. Apart of different look of the base and lower price, King Cobra uses classic metal gymbal and has more buttons, triggers and axis available.

fkc_mk4_1-1024x576.jpg (1024×576)


Some updates about the other products:

Affordable Defender Cobra M5 is expected to be re-stocked in November.

Some more products like Cobra M5 upgrade kits, Gametrix  kw-908 JetSeat etc will be announced soon and available for purchase.

Best regards,

Team VKB FSC Europe

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