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Dear all,

As you may notice, the pre-order is ended and we only accepts a pre-orders for owners of Black Mamba Mk.I and Mk.II who want to upgrade a gimbal to the newer one (cam-based).

Thank you all, who placed a pre-order for Black Mamba joystick, that you trust in VKB.

North American customers already started receiving their Black Mamba joysticks. The first batch was dedicated to them and has been shipped directly from the factory. European customers will receive their orders later for the following reasons:

  • VKB manufacturing unit (VKB Shenzhen) is busy with assembling and testing. It takes time and, what is more important, the manufacturing process has been interrupted due to Chinese New Year celebration in China.

Next week is the first working week after holidays and we will proceed further.

  • Items will be shipped first to FSC store as single shipment and, then, they will be distributed to each buyer individually (first order is served first). It could take about 3-4 weeks.

We have to minimize shipping cost and have to do custom clearance according to European rules for all orders to be shipped within EU. Otherwise, we could not keep affordable prices. 

The buyers from outside EU (eg Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa etc) will receive their items earlier as the joysticks will be shipped to them directly from the factory (like for US&Canada clients).

In total, the factory is going to send to the store two shipments for EU customers – first shipment with Black Mamba MkIII LE and the second shipment for Vintage Black Mamba (as soon as grips are available, possibly two weeks later than LE version). 

Currently, we estimate to get the Fat Black Mamba MkIII LE for EU customers in the second half of March and then we will start shipping them to buyers. Vintage Black Mamba is expected to be received in April.

We also hope to have T-Rudder pedals sets re-stocked at the same time but it is not yet certain.

If you have any questions, please, ask via email vkb@flightsimcontrols.com or via contact form on the website.

Best regards and thank you all for your trust and patience.

Team VKB FSC Europe


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