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Dear all, 

Here is our spring update.

VKB Fat Black Mamba Mk.III LE pre-order

All orders are manufactured and assembled including extension kits and TM Warthog adaptors. The customers who ordered TM Warthog adaptor will receive also a special cam free of charge.

The customers from non-EU countries (such as Switzerland, Norway, Serbia and Australia) will receive Black Mamba first as it is sent directly from the factory with DHL express mail. Most of them should have received the joysticks by now.

For EU customers we dispatch the orders from the store stock. All orders are prepared and shipped from the factory to the store using fast and reliable air service. We understood that the manufacturing process took more time then expected and decided to spend more money on faster delivery. The shipment should arrive to the store next week and we start shipping to individual buyers who based in EU countries.

VKB Vintage Mamba pre-order

Unfortunately Vintage Mamba is not yet ready. Grips are produced separately by the other vendor and it will take couple of weeks more to produce it. Then we would need some time to assemble and for testing. If all goes fine, we should start dispatching the orders for Vintage Mamba joysticks in May.

Our apologies for the delay. 

T-Rudder pedals Mk.IV

Mk.III version is out of stock now and will not be re-stocked. Instead, there are Mk.IV version. The difference between them is minimal as the design is proven and we plan to stick with this version for future production runs. Pricewise, the new pedals will be in the same range as Mk.III but of course,  they could be affected by euro/USD rate as we always try to keep low margin.

Gladiator Pro /  Gunfighter joysticks

Those two new models will replace Black Mamba and King Cobra joysticks. Gladiator Pro is an ultimate version of mass-production joystick which will be soon available, featured new generation metal gimbal of VKB, better sensors, more controls etc. It is offered for sim pilots who likes to have all controls on the same base. Gunfighter joystick is meant for sim pilots who prefers HOTAS-like systems and for cockpit builders. Both models are in plans for production in Q3/Q4 2016. 

New pre-orders

We do not plan to offer any new pre-orders at the moment.

Hopefully, we have coved all hot topics in this update. If you still have quesitons, please, sent us email to vkb@flightsimcontrols.com or via contact form. It is not always possible to reply in the same day or two but we try to keep up.

Best regards,

Team VKB FSC Europe

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