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Gunfighter ordering

Hello all, 

I would like to announce that production run of Gunfighter joysticks for EU customers is on-going and the ordering of Gunfighter joysticks in different bundles is open at FSC store. The following bundles are available:

Please, note that  actual shipping will start during the week of the 5th of June.

Modern Combat Grip (MCG) news

VKB has announced MCG in three variants:

  • The baseline MCG (14 programmable buttons, 5 analog axes)
  • The MCG TM (23 programmable buttons, compatible with Thrustmaster® Warthog™ and Cougar™ bases)
  • The MCG Pro – (24 programmable buttons, 6 analog axes)

You can read more at Official VKB -Sim Forum: http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2634

Estimation for MCG availability for EU customers is not changed. We still expect MCG to be  in stock in September 2017.

Important information for users of Mamba, King Cobra and Gladiator Mk.I joysticks.

If you use one of the following models:

  • Black/Fat Mamba Mk.II / Mk.III
  • Vintage Mamba
  • Gladiator Pro Mk.I
  • King Cobra Mk.IV

and would like to buy MCG for your joystick, please, send us an email at vkb@flightsimcontrols.com with subject ‘MCG MG’ or ‘MCG MG Pro’ in order to reserve one for you. VKB plans to produce limited batch of grips compatible with your joystick (with 5-pin grip socket) and it is important to know  how many of them to be produced for EU customers per variant.

Back in stock notification We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Just leave your valid email address below.
Email Note: This is not any form of pre-order, so there won’t be any automatic charging of credit cards or anything like this; however, this also means that the product is not automatically reserved in your name. This is merely an automated service for your convenience to receive timely product availability notifications.