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First, I would like to thank all who ordered Gunfighter joysticks already. We appreciate your support to our efforts to produce high quality gear for virtual pilots.

We planned to start shipping Gunfighter orders this week. However, the production run for EU was delayed as R&D had to implement and test bugfixes in internal controllers to fix minor issues which could affect some users. Now, the bugfixes are implemented and EU batch of Gunfighter is almost completed and expected to be ready for shipment to our EU store on Monday. Based on previous experience, we should be able to start shipping the orders next week Friday.

Sorry for delay but we try to provide your gear with maximum possible quality and it takes not only efforts but also time.

Another news for the one who ordered regular Gunfighter (non-Pro) that it is possible to order small base plate for special price of 9.9 euro without VAT. This plate is for people who want to fix the joystick with screws or bolts and therefore want to use it instead of bigger plate which comes with non-Pro Gunfighter joysticks to save some space. It is sold without shipping cost as it will come together with your main order.

If you wish just to replace standard base plate with the small one, just let us know your order number via vkb@flightsimcontrols.com and it will be done free of charge.

Modern Combat Grip

Currently VKB is busy to prepare first production run of Modern Combat Grip (MCG). This is a completely new product as before we have not yet produced a grip with such level of quality keeping affordable retail price as promised earlier. Taking into consideration the complexity (and cost) of this project, we expect MCG to be available for EU market in November 2017.

That’s all for now. If any question, please, drop us an email to vkb@flightsimcontrols.com

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