• Built to last
  • Works with all current flight simulators
  • No drivers required

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that Gunfighter Mk.III is in stock now. Almost all variants are available (with exception of MCG Pro RU grip – with labels in Russian).

What’s new in Mk.III :

1 – Remodelled soft silicone dust cover.
– Authentic military aircraft looks.
– Complete dust and particles protection for the base internals.
– Minimized parasitic load in extreme grip positions.
New dust cover called for a new joystick upper plate and cover ring.
2 – Enhanced electronics.
– Dedicated 32-bit MCU (micro controller unit) for each of X and Y axes. (previous models had one MCU for both X and Y).
Such enhancement allows for extra high update rate and data processing speed without having to share the computing resources between different axes.
3 – All internal modules are fully digital now.
– Taking the number of cables and connectors to their historical minimum: one 3-line, and one 4-line.
4 – Updated casing for new internals.
– An LED on the front side indicates correct functioning of all digital modules.
5 – HOSAS is a new standard brought in by space sims.
– The main PCB of the new GF3 sports a jumper. Plugging it in different ways you may alter the identification of the base.
6 – New cams.
– Linear cams for space sims with soft center
– Linear cams for space sims with hard center
– Revised aviation cams with progressive load with soft center
– Revised aviation cams with progressive load with hard center.
Previous generations of cams were made of steel and had to be chromium-plated for rust protection. New cams are made of special hardened aluminum alloy – extra firm, extra light, extra durable. Moreover, rust-free for eternity.
7 – New springs.
– Spring replacement takes seconds!
New cams called for new springs.

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