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Dear all,

First of all, I would like to clarify Gladiator EVO stock. We have opened pre-ordering for Gladiator EVO products. It means we might have some amount in stock but mostly we depends on delivery from the VKB factory via air delivery. It is ordered bi-weekly so it should not take more than two weeks of waiting time. But it might be some issues with logistics, which is unrare situation nowadays and/or availability EVO on our VKB production line.

Next delivery to EU store which some customers waiting from the end of April actually, should arrive next week. We expected to receive it early next week but now it is shifted to the end of the week due to availability of the next production batch. Sorry for such extra delay but that’s what we all have to deal with when new product is arriving to the market. It is always high demand and kind of slowness of production for initial batches. It is getting up to speed but not yet on full speed.

The first ocean cargo with EVO has been shipped as well. It should arrive around mid-July.

Next common question is availability of Gunfighter MCG Ultimate, new KG12 grip and T-Rudder pedals. Those items are shipped via ocean and should arrive next week already.

And the last information for today’s news post is that new orders will be shipped after the 30th of May. Yes, we decided to have a little break 🙂 As the stock is low and the most common items are not available it makes sense to use this time to unwind a bit.

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