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Hello all,

We are receiving new stock this and next week which includes NXT EVO products, GNX modules, Gunfighter MCG Ultimate variants, UCMs etc.

It is delivered via ocean and it caused the price for NXT EVO and GNX modules dropped a bit as we now able to eliminate high logistic cost as earlier NXT EVO products were re-stocked via air shipping from China.

However, some prices we had to rise. MCG Ultimate product line, T-Rudder pedals and UCM mounts now costs more. All those products are produced on our headquarter in Shenzhen so we have to import them in EU. Unfortunately, the euro is quite weak at the moment. It dropped from 1,2 USD to 0,99 USD for 1 Euro. We have to adjust the prices accordingly.

Good news is that the old stock prices are not changed. For example, price for different Gunfghter models, selected accessories, separate grips etc are still like before and not raised (until we have them in stock of course).

Sorry for bringing that news but we have to follow economical situation.

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