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Important ! Gladiator Mk.II joystick is sold out and not expected to be re-stocked anymore. VKB works on a new model though but it is currently in early design phase   (updated on 14.02.2018)

VKB-Sim Gladiator Mk.II is the latest mass-market joystick made by VKB.

A grip is designed by VKB engineers based on well-known KG12 grip used on number of WWII airplanes but adapted for PC pilots to be more ergonomic. The trigger quality is improved and it now survives even excessive force.

Gladiator Mk.II  is a desktop  joystick featuring highly accurate magnetoresistive (MaRS) sensors for pitchroll and yaw axis. It allows to connect VKB T-Rudder pedals (any model) directly to the joystick without Tiny controller or Black box and presents both joystick and pedals as a single USB device. The pedals are configurable with provided software as an additional axis. It simplify configuration and makes both of them easier to manage within your PC simulator or a game. 


  • WWII KG12 grip replica
  • Ergonomic grip angle
  • Pitch, roll and yaw (twist) axes are equipped with MaRS sensors.
  • Throttle axis
  • Metal baseplate for stability
  • Silicone feet for strong surface grip
  • 2 Years warranty


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