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  • Works with all current flight simulators
  • No drivers required


Dear all,

We are happy to announce availability of new VKB GNX Modules. It is now possible to order them.

A brief guide is published on VKB forum. Please, read it before ordering. Do not forget to consider needed cables or USB controller, depends on your setup.

When you made your choice you can order it from this page : https://flightsimcontrols.com/product-category/nxt-modules/

All new modules and related accessories are listed there.

And of course, if you don’t own Gladiator NXT yet, it is a high time to order one or maybe even pair 🙂


VKB has just produced the first batch of GNX Modules. We are expecting of course an ocean cargo as usual, to have them in permanent stock as for any other our products like Gladiator NXT, Gunfighter, T-Rudder pedals etc. But it will take time, especially nowadays when delivery time of ocean cargo’s could vary.

We decided to get them in stock via air express delivery. It involves extra cost indeed, therefore the price is slightly higher. But we can make sure that our EU customers have an opportunity to get one much sooner.

When we receive the ocean cargo, the price will be dropped accordingly. Current estimation is to get it in January 2022.

We collect orders and VKB HQ will weekly ship them to us. Usually we place the order in Thursday and receive that airlift every Tuesday. So, the shipping time could be between 4 and 12 days (depends when the order is placed). Then the items will be shipped via our normal delivery methods (UPS, DHL or PostNL).

Back in stock notification We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Just leave your valid email address below.
Email Note: This is not any form of pre-order, so there won’t be any automatic charging of credit cards or anything like this; however, this also means that the product is not automatically reserved in your name. This is merely an automated service for your convenience to receive timely product availability notifications.