• Built to last
  • Works with all current flight simulators
  • No drivers required

Thank you everyone who ordered the newest VKB product – GNX Modules !

The ordering is opened. You can select needed module via this link


Please consider HID-Main USB controller if you need them to work as a stand-alone device with a separate USB connection.

When you placed the order, the next question is when it will be delivered. Well, it is the very first batch. The modules are not yet released by VKB Manufacturing department as they are passing the last set of tests. The firmware is also new. It should be able to auto-configure based on the hardware setup, therefore it is more complicated than the firmware for previous products. Also, the number of combinations is much higher and it requires more time to test before it is released to our customers.

The shipment to our EU warehouse is expected this week. If all goes as planned, we should be able to start dispatching the orders next week (the second week of November). We ship it in “first in, first out” principle. Please, be patient. In the meanwhile you could think about proper setup and feel free to add new items (just open a new order and use “consolidate” shipping option) or open a ticket and we will remove not needed one from the existing orders if you have different idea about your setup. Consider it as “time to think” period 🙂

Sorry for delay but it will be released as soon as VKB believes in quality including the software.

Back in stock notification We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Just leave your valid email address below.
Email Note: This is not any form of pre-order, so there won’t be any automatic charging of credit cards or anything like this; however, this also means that the product is not automatically reserved in your name. This is merely an automated service for your convenience to receive timely product availability notifications.