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Status update (29.03.2024): We expect all Gladiator variants to arrive by the 15th of April. The Gladiator joysticks with the regular price will be available again, therefore, the airlift option is closed now. The last airlift batch should arrive about the 3rd of April. As soon as all available airlift items are sold out, we will stop offering them.

Dear customers,

We know that there is high demand for different Gladiator flightsticks and in particular Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Throttle Left Premium variant.

Since today VKB HQ is back to work and we agreed to re-introduce Airlift option for selected Gladiator models.

What does option “Airlift” mean?

Usually we receive shipments from VKB factory at our warehouse in the Netherlands via ocean routes. It is the most economic way so we could keep the lowest possible price. However we depends on world sea logistics which is not that stable anymore. So, “Airlift” means that smaller batches are shipped via air freight to us. This is more flexible than shipping via ocean but the cost of delivery is much higher. We have to include that extra cost in end-price.

Why did we decide to re-introduce Airlift?

Currently, the ocean routes from Asia to Europe is longer than before. Containership heading Rotterdam are going over Africa and have to avoid Red Sea / Suez canal. It caused unexpected delay and a gap in our stock.

In order to help customers who does not want to wait for the next ocean batch of Gladiator variants, Airlift option is re-introduced.

It is agreed that VKB HQ ships us smaller batches weekly until the big ocean batch arrives. It will help people to buy VKB controllers in more comfortable way and get hands on needed controller faster.

What items will be supplied with Airlift option?

The offer is valid only for selected models.

We start with Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Throttle Left Premium and with Gladiator NXT EVO Right Premium variant as well.

How long will this Airlift option last?

This offer will be ended two weeks before arrival of the next ocean batch (current ETA is March, 31 April, 15

What does it mean if the Airlift item is in stock, backordered or out of stock? 

In stock: If you buy a product with Airlift option which is in stock, it means it will be supplied from the next Airlift batch which arrives weekly. The shipping time is about one week.

Backordered: It will be shipped from the other Airlift batch. Basically, it means that all items from arriving batch are sold out and your order will be shipped from the following batch. Shipping time is about two weeks.

Out of stock: We didn’t get a “clear” for engine start from ATC. I mean we are awaiting information from HQ about amount of items available for us and confirmation that we can open ordering again.

What about other items which are not in stock? Shall those products be also supplied via Airlift in the meanwhile?

Actually, we expect various Gunfighter models (including Ultimate), stand-alone Gunfighter grips, stand-alone Gunfighter base, UCMs, STECS and STECS accessories to arrive in about two weeks from now. ETA is March 7. It does not make sense to start Airlift for them.

How to find Airlift items?

You can follow the tag airlift https://flightsimcontrols.com/product-tag/airlift/

also, here is the direct links :

Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Throttle Left Premium (Airlift)

Gladiator NXT EVO ‘Space Combat Edition’ Right Premium (Airlift)

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